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How Safe Is The Rope Swing?

Alright youngins! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room!


The short answer:  Anything can be dangerous if you do it wrong. Jumping off big cliffs is no exception, they are BIG cliffs after all…

But the real answer is a lot more comforting:



Just like with any extreme sport, It would be very dangerous for someone with zero experience to go out and try to execute something like this by themselves. Take skydiving for example, would it be dangerous for someone to jump out of a plane by themselves with zero previous training or experience? Definitely! But… can that same person go tandem skydiving safely with a professional tandem skydiver? Absolutely! Well, we’re in the same boat!  It takes decades of rigging knowledge and real life, hands on experience to learn the skills and knowledge involved with this type of activity. It’s so specialized, in fact, that we are the ONLY company in the United States that is permitted and qualified to offer such activity! Our expert guides have decades of combined knowledge and experience in rigging these giant canyon rope swings! Pretty cool huh?



Rigging rope swings is all that we do! It’s our profession and we take safety very seriously. We use the top of the line equipment, and preform periodic equipment and safety checks throughout the day to ensure everything is operating smoothly. Everyone who jumps will be provided with all the safety equipment necessary: full body harness, helmet, and gloves. Everyone is required to wear all safety gear, no exceptions. We’ve done thousands and thousands of rope swings, and we have a 100% track record for safety, and we plan on keeping it that way.



When you arrive you’ll be greeted by your expert guides who will give you a full safety briefing and cover everything there is to know about rope swinging with us. We’ll walk you through all the safety procedures and guidelines and ensure you feel all warm and fuzzy inside before taking the leap. The best part? When you swing, you get to be your very own action sports super hero! Nobody is strapped to you, nobody is taking the controls for you. It’s all you! You’re the star of the show! There’s no pull cords, no gimmicky trap doors, you get to participate to the fullest extent of this extreme sport, with zero previous skills or experience! Wild right?!? You get to jump off the edge under your own power, and the ropes will do the rest. We know precisely how long to make the ropes to guide you away from the edges of the cliff and keep you swinging straight out into the open.



But what if the rope breaks?!?!? Well.. that just doesn’t really happen. It’s about as likely as your car exploding into a million pieces as you drive down the freeway. Why? Well the ropes we use are rated to break around 4,000 pounds (how much do you weigh again??) And guess what? We don’t use just one, we use 2, 3, and sometimes 4 backup ropes, depending on what part of the system the ropes are being used for and how much forces they typically see. That’s right, we build 2 completely separate rope swings, and then stack them on top of each other to act as one. So when we clip you in to swing, we are actually clipping you in to 2 completely separate systems, if the first one fails, the backup system is there to catch you 🙂 we have backups for our backups for our backups for our backups for our backups for our…. Well you get the point. See? We thought of everything! It’s because we love you and we want you to return home in one piece ❤️


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