Fully Permitted By The United States Department Of The Interior Bureau Of Land Management


  • Q: what’s the weight limit
    • A: 300 pounds
  • Q: My reservation is a 3 hour window, do I need to plan on being there for all 3 hours?
    • A: Nope! Each 3 hour time slot has 10 bookings available, so you’ll be grouped up with other clients for your reservation. Some clients prefer to jump first, while others prefer to hang out and watch others jump, it’s all up to you. After you swing you’re free to leave, or to hang around.
  • Q: where are you located?
    • A: You will meet us on-site at the Rope Swing location located about 40 minutes outside of Moab, Ut. To avoid overcrowding issues, The exact location will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email at the time of booking.
  • Q: what’s the nearest airport to fly in to?
    • A: The nearest airport is canyonlands regional airport, located just outside of Moab, Ut. The next closest is Salt Lake City international
  • Q: I need to book a hotel, what’s the best option for that?
    • A: Moab, Ut is the closest accommodations, they have endless options of hotels, Air Bnb, etc.
  • Q: Do you provide transportation to and from the Rope Swing location?
    • A: We don’t, you are responsible for getting yourself to and from the location
  • Q: If I have friends that aren’t signed up, can they come with me to watch?
    • A: Absolutely! We encourage all the heckling!
  • Q: Do I need any experience?
    • A: Nope! No experience necessary! Our professional guides take care of everything from A to Z! This activity is designed for first timers in mind!
  • Q: Do I need to sign up with a group?
    • A: Nope! If you’re alone you’ll be grouped together with other clients in the same time slot!
  • Q: How many swings do I get when I sign up?
    • A: A standard booking includes one swing, If that’s not enough for your adventurous soul, you can book up to 8 extra swings per person, there is an option to add additional swings on the online checkout
  • Q: Can my 1986 Honda Accord make it to the parking area?
    • A: Yep, though there is a bit of driving on a dirt road, The dirt road is very well maintained and any type of vehicle will be sufficient if driven carefully
  • Q: I hate nature, do I have to hike?
    • A: Once you arrive at the parking area, we’ll take a 7 minute walk down to the edge of the cliffs. It’s mostly flat and very easy.
  • Q: Is this even legal?
    • A: Although it should be illegal to have this much fun, we are fully permitted by the United States department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, and fully insured. Not to be confused with the Rope Swing from corona arch, which was banned back in 2014
  • Q: How do I get back to the top after I swing?
    • A: We have a motorized winch that pulls you back to the top.
  • Q: Can I jump if I’m pregnant?
    • A: Unfortunately we don’t recommend that. Take care of that little bun in the over and we’ll see ya in 9 months!
  • Q: Can I bring my drone?
    • A: We have lots of ropes strung across the canyon that we depend on for safety, that, combined with sensitive wildlife issues in the area, necessitates that we don’t have any drones flying around the operation. We do have an option to add GoPro 360 footage to your swing so you can get all those sicky icky angles
  • Q: I have medical issues with my back/neck/spine, can I still jump?
    • A: The swing is surprisingly soft on the body, but not everyone is built the same, if you’ve had issues in the past, we recommend getting cleared by your doctor
  • Q: I have a big group, can we do a private event?
    • A: yep, we’re happy to facilitate that, shoot us an email and we can work out details
  • Q: my mom said this is dangerous
    • A: that’s not a question, tell your mom to call us
  • Q: What’s included? What do I need to bring?
    • A: You only need to bring yourself, everything else is already waiting for you, bring some snacks and water if you plan on being out there with us for a while, Sun protection if it’s hot, cold weather protection if it’s cold. Don’t bring your 1982 tattered up climbing harness that you were gifted back in Boy Scouts. We will provide all the safety gear necessary for you.
  • Q: I want to camp, where is a good camping  spot?
    • A: Lone Mesa campground is a good option that’s not too far away, it’s located here: (38.6437088, -109.8191884)
  • Q: I want to get super sendy on my trip, do you offer canyoneering and/or rock climbing guiding?
    • A: we don’t, but shoot us a message and we will put you in contact with the best local canyoneering and climbing guides around!

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