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5 Tips For Your First Time Doing A Massive Rope Swing

Are you ready to take the plunge of your life? As Moab’s top rope swing adventure, we encourage daredevils to take a leap of faith as they swing over an incredible four-hundred-foot cliff. 


Overcome your fear, test your limits and explore this life-changing experience. If you are already excited by this possibility, here are some tips you need for your first massive rope swing. 

Choose The Right Company 

First, you need to make sure that you choose the right company. You must use a team with the right training, experience, skills, and qualifications to provide an exciting and safe rope swing adventure. 


At Moab Rope Swing, we take safety seriously. This means that our equipment always reaches the right standards and is rigorously tested before every jump. You’ll never be in danger when you choose our rope swing Moab services. We are also the only permitted rope swing company in Moab and we’re fully insured for complete peace of mind. 

Wear Close Toed Shoes

There are always risks when jumping off a 400-foot cliff. It’s possible, though unlikely that your feet will graze the rock of the cliff. That’s why we always encourage anyone trying Moab’s top rope swing adventure to wear close-toed shoes. 


This will keep your feet safe and ensure that you don’t scratch or scrape the skin. We also advise that you tightly secure your shoes. Particularly, if you love expensive footwear and don’t want to lose a pair over the edge of a cliff face. 

Check The Minimum Requirements 

To avoid disappointment, we advise that you check the minimum requirements before you book your rope swing and certainly before you turn up on the day. For instance, our rope swing Moab service has a minimum age requirement of ten years old. 


As such, anyone under this age will not be able to take the plunge even when accompanied by an adult. Our swing will also hold anyone up to 300 lbs. Furthermore, it’s not recommended that anyone with back or neck problems try this adventure unless they are given the clearance to do so by a medical professional.

Watch Some Videos Online 

Next, we advise you to watch some videos online. You can find these on Facebook and similar social networks as well as Youtube. These videos will give you a good idea of what to expect before you book your rope swing or before you show up on the day. 

You may think that you have a good idea, particularly if you have completed similar adventures. However, we promise there’s nothing quite like making the jump on our incredible massive rope swing. It does need to be seen to be believed. By checking out some videos, you can make sure this is the right adventure for you. 

Select The Best Location 

While this is certainly a thrilling experience, there’s another element to a rope swing Moab adventure. That’s an incredible view. You should always make sure that you are picking a place that is going to deliver a fantastic, breathtaking view of the landscape below. 


We’re delighted to say that we’ve chosen a picturesque spot for Moab’s top rope swing adventure. You won’t be disappointed with the incredible surroundings here. 

Get In Touch 

We hope this prepares you for your first rope swing Moab adventure. If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact our team today

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